Dr. Jackson Discusses MPS Therapies on Local 5 Live

Dr. Jackson Draeger joined Local 5 Live with a closer look at the services provided at Midwest Pain Solutions to help combat chronic pain. The main 5 treatments include:

  1. High-Intensity Laser Therapy
  2. Chiropractic Adjustments
  3. Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy
  4. Spinal Decompression
  5. Hydromassage Therapy



Explained by Dr. Jackson, our high-intensity laser therapy is different from lasers found at other clinics. Our high-intensity laser therapy is the most powerful on the market; our 500 watt lasers penetrate 6-8 inches deep into the body to combat pain instead of 4-6 centimeters.


Many people can benefit from the therapies at Midwest Pain Solutions. Whether you are in chronic pain, seeking alternatives to avoid surgery, in pain post-surgery,  or looking to stay on top of your health and well-being for the future — we are the clinic for you. Start by scheduling your no-cost consultation with Dr. Jackson where you can sit down, explain your situation, and learn more about how Midwest Pain Solutions can be your solution.


WATCH NOW:  www.wearegreenbay.com/local5live/chronic-pain-relief-from-midwest-pain-solutions/ 


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