Dr. Jackson Visits Local 5 Live to Discuss Midwest Pain Solutions’ Laser Treatment Options

Dr. Jackson Draeger, DC joined Local 5 Live on WFRV-TV last week to discuss the latest technology Midwest Pain Solutions is using to treat chronic pain patients and professional athletes.



Dr. Jackson highlighted the treatments he uses to help professional athletes heal faster and recover from game days and practices. He educated viewers on how the high-intensity laser therapy (HILT) technology works and explained how the time he spends working with athletes helps Midwest Pain Solutions provide more effective treatment to chronic pain patients.


Though Dr. Jackson loves having the opportunity to treat professional athletes, his passion is helping patients who suffer from chronic pain. 


For more than 30 years, Midwest Pain Solutions has been a leader in pain management. Their team works with professional athletes in Green Bay as well as their fans to help them achieve a more fulfilling life by managing their  pain. Using proprietary HILT technology, chiropractic techniques and other treatments, Dr. Jackson offers compassionate care that helps patients feel better and return to what they enjoy doing most in life.

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