Dr. Jackson Visits Local 5 Live to Discuss Post-Surgical Pain

Dr. Jackson Draeger, DC joined Local 5 Live on WFRV-TV on Monday, December 13th to discuss post-surgical pain.



Dr. Jackson explains how although surgery is sometimes inevitable, it comes with recovery time, scar tissue, pain and potentially failed surgical outcomes. With joint replacement surgery drastically on the rise over the last decade and still climbing, Dr. Jackson Draeger describes the many patients coming into his office for a no-cost consultation describing limited mobility in the replacement joint, increased chronic pain or unfortunately an unsuccessful surgery.

Midwest Pain Solutions develops customized treatment plans based on patients’ specific needs. The treatments use a multi-faceted approach involving high intensity laser therapy to get one’s body moving in proper motion, loosen scar tissue, decrease inflammation and address the pain they are experiencing.


high intensity laser therapy at Midwest Pain Solutions


If you are interested in seeing if Midwest Pain Solutions’ treatments are right for you, schedule a no-cost consultation today at 920-569-2350 or visit www.midwestpainsolutions.com.

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