Dr. Jackson’s Interview: Treating Our Local Professional Athletes

How It All Started

Dr. Curt (Dr. Jackson’s father) started treating Simeon Rice in the early 2000s, further resulting in treating more professional football players in Green Bay. Dr. Jackson was then introduced into treating the players that came into the clinic at that time. When Dr. Jackson purchased Midwest Pain Solutions (recently known as Integrated Pain Solutions) from his father, he took over the responsibility of treating a lot of professional athletes with the help of his father, Dr. Curt.




How Dr. Jackson Feels To Treat Professional Athletes

Dr. Jackson feels very blessed to be able to treat our local professional athletes. It is truly an inspiration to see where they came from to where they are now at a professional level. The players that walk into our clinic are very hard-working and respectful.




Green and Gold vs. Chronic Pain Patients

Professional athletes go through a lot more than chronic pain patients, but typically have a faster recovery time. Chronic pain patients take longer to heal due to more miles they have put on their bodies.




Difference of Treatment at Midwest Pain Solutions

These professional athletes have access to a lot of great technology. However, at Midwest Pain Solutions, they seek our high-intensity laser therapy that was pioneered by Dr. Curt.




Treating Injuries vs. Realignment

Dr. Jackson and Dr. Curt treat athletes when they are injured and when they are in need of realignment. It is important to get the players back on the field as soon as possible, without pushing it too much. Dr. Jackson recommends that players to come at least once a week to stay on top of their health and wellness.




Stay on A-Game Each Sunday

At Midwest Pain Solutions, we provide athletes with chiropractic care, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, and high-intensity laser therapy. The most effective treatment at our clinic for these athletes is our high-intensity laser therapy, which helps in all steps of their healing processes.




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