Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

Surgery may seem like the only solution to find relief from a debilitating condition, but any invasive operation presents a host of potential complications. Beyond that, it can take months for a patient to recover, and the procedure may end up unsuccessful.


Unsuccessful surgeries are not uncommon, so much so, that the medical world created the term “Failed Back Surgery Syndrome” or FBSS. This term is described as lumbar spine pain which persists or worsens after surgical intervention or pain that originates following surgery such as spinal stenosis, spinal instability, epidural fibrosis, or disruption of adjacent discs. 


Statistically, 51-84% of adults will experience chronic low back pain in their lifetime. From 1998-2008, the incidence of surgery for low back pain increased dramatically upwards of 170% as the population aged. Following surgery, the risk of FBSS is between 10-40%. This means that a vast majority of adults will experience some form of chronic low back pain in their lives, and those turning to surgery as a treatment option will only have a 60-90% success rate. While these odds may seem somewhat favorable, the 10-40% of patients will continue to experience the same or worsening symptoms following an invasive procedure. 



Many patients don’t chose surgery as their first treatment option; however, many end up choosing this route since all other medical treatments have been exhausted and failed. At Midwest Pain Solutions, we offer unique alternative treatment options to medications, injections, or surgeries. We separate ourselves from other clinics by using top-of-the-line therapies to facilitate healing and work in unison with our patients to rehabilitate the body. 


Midwest Pain Solutions offers alternatives to surgery!


Our non-invasive high-intensity laser therapy, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, and chiropractic adjustments aid healing right at the source instead of temporarily masking the problem. Because lasers can easily and painlessly penetrate the tissue, we are able to reach spots of pain that may otherwise be inaccessible.


Our treatments correct the underlying cause of joint dysfunction without the need for surgery, decreasing pain and increasing range of movement while keeping your original joints. New does not always mean better – it is better to preserve your original joints than to get new ones. 


Joints are complex structures that enable movement, cushion your body, and support your weight. Any type of degenerative condition or injury can affect your joints, causing stiffness, aches, and pains. Surgery is NOT the only option for those suffering from chronic pain. Even with very little cartilage left in the joint, the team at Midwest Pain Solutions can help you find relief. If you’re interested in learning about our solutions that do not require surgery, schedule a no-cost consultation today!


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