How Do I Know I Have Sciatica?

Sciatica is pain that travels down the sciatic nerve [image shown below]. The sciatic nerve runs from your lower back, through your hips, buttocks, and legs. Sciatica most often occurs when a herniated disk applies pressure or pinching on part of the sciatic nerve, further resulting in inflammation, pain, and numbness in the affected leg.


You may have sciatica if you experience the following:

  • Pain in your buttocks and leg on one side of your body
  • Pain or numbness deep into your buttocks
  • Shock-like pain down one leg
  • Low back pain
  • Pain is worse when standing or walking



Risk factors associated with sciatica include age, obesity, diabetes, poor posture, physically demanding work, and prolonged sitting/twisting the spine. As we age, bone spurs and herniated discs become more common, which can further result in sciatic pain and discomfort.


To prevent sciatic pain, it is important to exercise regularly, lift correctly, maintain proper posture, and find chairs/beds with good support. If you experience sciatic pain, call Midwest Pain Solutions to set up a free consultation with Dr. Jackson Draeger to discuss our treatment solutions. We have many patients who suffered from sciatica, who now found relief and are back to doing the things they love. Pain not only affects you, but also your friends and family around you, so don’t just deal with your pain – stop it at its source. We are determined to get to the root cause of your chronic pain.


Our non-invasive chiropractic adjustments, high intensity laser therapy, and extracorporeal shockwave therapy aid healing at the source instead of masking the problems. Because lasers can easily and painlessly penetrate the tissue, we are able to reach spots of pain that may otherwise be inaccessible.


If you or someone you know suffers from sciatica, contact our office today to set up a no cost consultation. Call  (920) 569-2350 or email today! 


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