Local 5 Live: Alleviate Your Chronic Pain at Midwest Pain Solutions

Watch Local 5 Live segment: https://www.wearegreenbay.com/local5live/get-relief-from-your-chronic-pain-with-midwest-pain-solutions/ 


Dr. Jackson joined Local 5 Live on Monday morning discussing the effects of chronic pain and solutions offered at Midwest Pain Solutions.


If you suffer from chronic pain, you are not alone. More than 50 million people deal with this daily. At Midwest Pain Solutions, we treat numerous of chronic pain conditions. Typically, conditions are related to joints: neck, shoulder, back, hip, knee, etc.


With our high-intensity laser therapy, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, chiropractic manipulation, and spinal decompression, we are able to help patients get their quality of life back. Our top-of-the-line therapies are FDA-cleared, non-invasive, and are offered as an alternative to surgery, medication, and injections.


Our combination of therapies and passion at Midwest Pain Solutions sets us apart. Learn more about how we can help you by scheduling a no-cost consultation! Call (920) 569-2350 or visit midwestpainsolutions.com. We are available in Green Bay on Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays; and in Appleton on Tuesday and Thursdays.


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