Movement with Arthritis

Exercise and movement is the most important thing you can do for your physical, mental, and emotional health when you are dealing with arthritis. Other benefits include managing the onset of arthritis, as well as other chronic conditions like heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. The reason this is so important when dealing with arthritis is because bones need strong muscles for support. When you don’t exercise, it weakens the supporting muscles which puts more strain and stress on your joints.


If you are thinking about starting to introduce exercises, it should be joint-friendly, low impact exercises such as swimming, walking, or biking. Range of motion exercises can be very beneficial as well; these include gentle stretching and movements that take your joints to their full span.


The idea of incorporating exercise into your routine should be something that is effortless, easy to do, and does not require any extra time out of your day. This creates an easy foundation to eventually build on and begin an exercise regimen. If you have not exercised before or in a long time, be sure to start slowly. You may have some pain and soreness afterwards, but it should not last more than a few hours. Listen to your body and make sure not to overdo it. 



Some tips to protect your joints:

  • Keep the impact low
  • Use heat to relax the joints and muscles 
  • Move gently to warm up or begin your exercise 
  • Move slowly (if you feel pain or discomfort take a break)
  • Ice afterwards


Arthritis can decrease the quality of your life and there is not a cure. Fortunately, arthritis can be treated through therapies offered at Midwest Pain Solutions. We specialize in high-intensity laser therapy, which stimulates healing in areas of deep pain and damage. Our high-intensity laser therapy relieves pain, improves blood flow, reduces swelling, repairs cell growth and scar tissue, and boosts nerve function.


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