New Year, New Us — Same Clinic, Same Doctors, Same Great Care.

 We have a very big announcement! As of January 1st my wife (Lexie) and I (Dr. Jackson) will be buying the Integrated Pain Solutions business in Green Bay! We are so very excited! We will be buying the clinic from my parents (Dr. Curt & Dr. Reva Draeger). This comes at a time when my father (Dr. Curt) will be more involved in advancing his therapeutic laser company and staying closer to home. That doesn’t mean I’ve sent him into retirement quite yet! He will still be with us 1 day a week, usually Tuesdays or Thursdays. We are so thankful for everything they have done and continue to do for us, it truly is a blessing.

Our New Clinic

 We are calling the new clinic Midwest Pain Solutions and I’m sure you can tell that we are not straying too far from what Integrated Pain Solutions has started. We will be treating patients with chronic pain with a combination of successful therapies to help decrease pain, increase function, and restore a quality lifestyle. 



Our Slogan

Wow! What segue into our new slogan: Decrease Pain, Increase Function, Restore Life. This is what we pledge to do at MPS, we will work our tails off to get you (the patient) better. We want to give you an affordable, long lasting, drug-free chance at reducing your chronic pain!


 If you would like more information on how we treat chronic pain just check out our website


What You Can Expect

So what’s different about Midwest Pain Solutions compared to the former Integrated Pain Solutions? Well, I’m glad you asked. First, we are offering prices affordable to everyone. Second, we offer a chance at getting out of pain before that pain turns from acute (pain that lasts less than 4-6 months) to chronic (pain that lasts more than 6-8 months ((sometimes years)). Parentheses within parentheses — this post is getting out of control!


Stop Chronic Pain Before It Starts 

What is this option to stop acute pain before it becomes chronic pain? Simple, it’s chiropractic! As a chiropractor, I am interested in getting joints functioning properly. Which joints? Knees, hips, ankles, and feet. Is that all? No, hands, wrists, elbows, and shoulders. What about the ñörmál chiropractic? Yup, neck, mid back, and low back.

 So, there it is. I’m just as happy treating one joint as I am the next joint, and you’d be surprised at how much relief you can get with conservative care and how chiropractic care can keep you from enduring the hardships of chronic pain. Yes, if you are committed to bettering your body, I can help you in that process. 



We Are A Team

You see at MPS we are a team — and I don’t mean my staff and me — I’m talking about you and me. The patient can improve their own condition with hard work and dedication. I am a counselor of health that bridges the gap between getting out of pain and getting into habits that better our health. Unless you are in chronic pain, then the real work is on me. 

So, here’s the question, are you ready to start your journey towards recovery?


 -Dr. Jackson, DC

With Regards,
Jackson K. Draeger



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