Patient Success Story: Changed Life After 30 Years of Pain

Lindy has suffered with bone spurs in her neck for over 30 years. This resulted from a car accident and causes ongoing, miserable pain everyday. After trying physical therapy, Lindy couldn’t find relief and did not want to continue with surgery or medications. She was exhausted of taking pills before her morning coffee everyday to cope with her neck pain and headaches.


Lindy came to Midwest Pain Solutions and claims it was one of the best moves she has ever made. Just after a few treatments, she noticed tremendous improvement and continues to feel better everyday. Lindy states that the high-intensity laser therapy is comforting, warm, and works wonders.


Lindy wakes up every day without pain now and can do her everyday activities without the constant, miserable pain.


“Midwest Pain Solutions has taken away discomfort I’ve had for over 30 years. It is truly life changing.”  -Lindy


Midwest Pain Solutions has become the leader in neck pain solutions for the Green Bay and Appleton area for over 30 years. We pioneered the use of high-intensity laser therapy (HILT) which many of our patients have found to be a game-changer in their treatments. Dr. Jackson and his team take great pride in providing personalized, compassionate care for each of their patients; as a result, many patients remark that Midwest Pain Solutions often feels more like family than a doctor’s office.


Change your life – just like Lindy did! Schedule a no-cost consultation and learn about how we are able to relieve your chronic pain.


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