Proper Posture: Tips from Dr. Jackson

Dr. Jackson discusses tips and tricks to sit and stand with better posture. We all catch ourselves with poor posture from time to time, which can cause many complications and health risks throughout the years.


In Video 1, Dr. Jackson mentions the importance of posture while sitting in a chair. For the best posture, it is critical to sit up straight, engage your core, keep your feet flat on the floor, and create an extension in your lumbar spine. Find a chair that is not too close to the floor to avoid kinking your hip flexors and causing stiffness when standing. We tend to find ourselves slipping back and relaxing in chairs, which further results in pressure and weight that anchors on the spine. While implementing these practices, it is also important to keep your ears over your shoulders, pull your shoulders back, balance your head, and avoid leaning forward.


[Video 1]


In Video 2, Dr. Jackson elaborates on using pillows for proper posture, standing while working, and sitting on a yoga ball. Using pillows on your low back and under your butt allow you to keep your proper curvature in your low back and decrease the angle in your hip flexors. Standing allows for better posture since you are not relaxing and hunching together as much. Lastly, yoga balls allow for better posture while sitting due to relying solely on engaging your core and stretching tight areas.


[Video 2]


Sometimes the comfiest positions are when you are hunched over and tucked in; however, you will thank yourself in the long run for practicing proper posture. You can avoid many health complications and risks by changing your everyday posture.


If you believe your posture is too far gone to correct, call Midwest Pain Solutions to schedule a no-cost consultation with Dr. Jackson Draeger. Our chiropractic adjustments and high-intensity laser therapy can relieve your pain!


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