Reasons to Get a Second Opinion

When faced with a medical issue, getting a second opinion can save money, time, and your overall health. There are many instances where surgery is highly suggested, but not necessary.

getting a second opinion

At Midwest Pain Solutions, we have many patients who are told they need surgery — knee, hip, shoulder, etc. — when, in reality, they don’t need surgery, they need our treatment to heal their bodies.

Dr. Jackson faces patients daily who are told they need to move forward with surgeries but would like a second opinion before making such a big decision. After reviewing X-rays, many times Dr. Jackson is able to treat the problem instead of fully replacing it.

Our most common situations involve patients being told they need surgery because their joints are “bone-on-bone,” when there is still cartilage present. If there is a sliver of cartilage, we are able to treat and resolve the problem through our chiropractic adjustments, shockwave therapy, and high-intensity laser therapy.

If for any instance, Dr. Jackson reviews images and does not believe our clinic is able to heal the patient, he will refer them to the next appropriate step. We care for people – whether they receive our treatment or not.

Getting a second opinion is a smart decision with any medical issue. Receiving a different perspective from another doctor can put your mind at ease, and trying an alternative solution can save money, health, and recovery time. Keeping original bones and joints can be better in the long run – artificial is not always better.

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