Scar Tissue: Stop the Increase & Find Treatment

What is Scar Tissue? 

Scar tissue is formed when normal tissue is destroyed. There are several ways in which patients develop scar tissue: major accidents, surgeries, and joint replacement therapies. The common cause is damage done to the body that required repair and rehab. And while scar tissue is your body’s way of healing a damaged area, it often leaves lingering, chronic pain long after the initial trauma. 



Scar tissue starts to form 24-48 hours after an injury and will mature into its full version in about one year. When a body heals with scar tissue, the damaged area will have less mobility and function. Scar tissue can cause major issues around joints, including reduced range of motion. The scar tissue binds the joint so it cannot move as well as it did prior to the injury. 



How to Stop the Increase of Scar Tissue

To avoid an overabundance of scar tissue, it is important to have a proper diet, exercise regularly, and live in a bubble where you can’t be injured by yourself or the outside world. The first two preventative measures are attainable, while the third one is not.


After the injury, accident, or surgery, the best way to help the affected area is proper rehab. You must keep exercising and stretching the joint or area the way you were shown. The idea is to isolate the joint or area struggling with scar tissue and keep working it. If you encounter any problems completing rehab at home, you should contact your PT, OT or chiropractor for suggestions.



Combat Scar Tissue with High-Intensity Laser Therapy

At Midwest Pain Solutions, we specialize in high-intensity laser therapy that softens existing scar tissue and reduces the formation of new scar tissue. High-intensity laser therapy can soften scar tissue, allowing Dr. Jackson to work to lengthen the fibers and increase a patient’s movement and mobility. These lasers are unique to our clinic and have the highest designation of power for a therapeutic laser.



At Midwest Pain Solutions, we firmly believe you can thrive, not just survive, with scar tissue and its associated pain. Contact us for more details about creating a customized treatment plan and how our high-intensity laser therapy will lessen your scar tissue’s impact on your life.


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