Spinal Stenosis

What Is Spinal Stenosis? 

Spinal stenosis is the narrowing of spaces within the spine. When there isn’t enough space within the spine, the ability for the nerves to branch out from the spinal cord reduces. Additionally, the area is too small and tight for the spinal cord and nerves that they can become irritated, compressed, or pinched which is what leads to having back pain and sciatica. 



Who Experiences Spinal Stenosis? 

Anyone is able to develop spinal stenosis. It is common in both men and women over the age of 50. Other possibilities are if you were born with a narrow spinal canal or other conditions that affect the spine such as scoliosis or suffering a spinal injury. 



  • Bone overgrowth / arthritic spurs
  • Bulging disks
  • Thickened ligaments
  • Spinal fractures and injuries 
  • Spinal cord cysts or tumors
  • Congenital spinal stenosis 
  • Scoliosis 



When it comes to spinal stenosis, you may or may not experience symptoms right away.  There may be indications of spinal stenosis via x-rays or other imaging. Spinal stenosis can occur in either the lower back or neck. Symptoms and severity will differ depending on where in the body it is located. Some symptoms may include: pain, numbing, tingling, and weakening in the neck, hands, back, feet, legs, and arms.




Spinal stenosis is a chronic condition that we treat at Midwest Pain Solutions through our top-of-the-line chiropractic adjustments, extracorporeal shockwave therapy, and high-intensity laser therapy. Our high-intensity laser therapy (HILT) delivers healing light energy to the cells of the body. The light energy stimulates healing within your body through a series of biological changes at the cellular level. Our HILT improves blood flow, nerve function, and promotes healing at the source. 


We offer no-cost consultations in order for you to sit one-on-one with Dr. Jackson to go over your chronic condition and learn more about our clinic and treatments. Call (920) 569-2350 to schedule yours today! 


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