Stay Active During Our Cold Wisconsin Winters

It is tremendously important to stay active — especially during the cold winter months where it may be more difficult to get out and find motivation. Do not let our Wisconsin winters take over your physical activity. Increase strength, flexibility, and combat fatigue by participating in the following activities:


At home:

  • Walk around the house or on a treadmill
  • Stretch when you wake up and before you go to bed
  • Create a home gym, or find a yoga class on YouTube
  • Shovel your driveway (carefully!)


Around the community:

  • Participate in water aerobics (Jackson’s favorite recommendation)
  • Go on a walk (if the weather permits)
  • Join a gym or participate in a fitness class
  • Take laps around the mall when running errands
  • Visit a library or museum


With others:

  • Hit the dance floor with your partner
  • Build a snowman with your children/grandchildren
  • Play tennis or other competitive sports


staying active during the Winter in Wisconsin


By staying active, you will strengthen both your body and mind. Regular physical activity can be difficult to maintain at any age, but it is important to remember the benefits that come along with staying active. Exercising will reduce chronic pain, enhance your mobility, improve your strength, boost your mood and self-confidence, and so much more!

Stay motivated by setting short-term goals, finding friends or family members with whom you can stay active, creating a schedule, keeping track of your daily activities and accomplishments, and rewarding yourself after completion (maybe enjoying a cup of hot cocoa or turning on your favorite movie!).

staying active during the winter in WisconsinIf you are stuck in a rut and need motivation to stay active on a regular basis, find friends or family members to stay active with you and to hold you accountable. You can also connect with fellow community members or join social clubs. It is always easier to commit when you have a strong support system.

Start slowly and work your way up to more intense exercises if you’re comfortable, but don’t overdo it. Always remember — move it or lose it!

If you find yourself having chronic pain that is preventing you from these activities this winter, you may want to help discover the root cause. Midwest Pain Solutions provides free consultations with Dr. Jackson. Midwest Pain Solutions finds the root cause of your pain, discovers exactly what is preventing these roadblocks you are experiencing and helps get you participating in life again—pain free.

Call 920-569-2350 or visit to schedule your no-cost consultation today.




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