Stay Warm In The Cold Months With Winter Activities

The harsh temperatures, excessive snow, and early darkness of our Wisconsin winters can make it difficult to stay active. Unfortunately, these months last longer than most want it to (especially me), but we have to keep our bodies moving regardless of the weather. Below are some activities to keep your body moving during the winter months ahead: 



  • Snowshoe 
  • Go on a walk
  • Shovel your driveway (carefully)
  • Build a snowman with your children / grandchildren
  • Visit an outdoor attraction (check out Titletown in Green Bay!)


At Home: 

  • Walk around the house / on a treadmill
  • Stretch
  • Mobility exercises
  • Find an online yoga class


Around the Community:

  • Join a gym or participate in a fitness class
  • Walk around the mall
  • Water aerobics (low impact exercise)
  • Take up tennis / pickleball


With Friends / Family:

  • Win in a snowball fight!
  • Get out ice fishing
  • Decorate your house / Christmas tree


Remaining active and exercising daily will reduce chronic pain, enhance our mobility, improve your strength, boost your mood, and so much more! Physical activity not only strengthens your body, but also your mind. It is important to start slowly and work your way up to more intense exercise if you are comfortable with it. Do not overdo it and cause yourself more pain and struggle. Start with low-mobility exercises (walking, water aerobics, stretching), then work your way up to more intense exercises if you are able (snowshoeing, tennis, shoveling). 


Move it or lose it. 


By not staying active and moving your body, you will lose strength, endurance, and mobility of your joints, which further results in chronic pain. 


If your chronic pain is preventing you from participating in some of these winter activities, it is time to find the root cause and get your life back. Dr. Jackson offers free consultations to discuss your chronic condition and how our non-invasive therapies can help you find pain relief. Call (920) 569-2350 or visit to schedule your free consultation today! 


“Motion is lotion and movement is free.”  -Dr. Jackson


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