Failed Back Surgery Syndrome

By Alexis Draeger / May 7, 2024

Surgery may seem like the only solution to find relief from a debilitating condition, but any invasive operation presents a host of potential complications. Beyond that, it can take months for a patient to recover, and the procedure may end up unsuccessful.   Unsuccessful surgeries are not uncommon, so much so, that the medical world…

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Local 5 Live: Alleviate Your Chronic Pain at Midwest Pain Solutions

By Alexis Draeger / April 15, 2024

Watch Local 5 Live segment:    Dr. Jackson joined Local 5 Live on Monday morning discussing the effects of chronic pain and solutions offered at Midwest Pain Solutions.   If you suffer from chronic pain, you are not alone. More than 50 million people deal with this daily. At Midwest Pain Solutions, we treat…

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Seeking Care for Knee Pain

By Alexis Draeger / March 27, 2024

Chronic knee pain – no matter how it occurred – can be completely debilitating. It can greatly impact your quality of life and even your ability to have a job. Knee pain is a common ailment in the Green Bay and Appleton area, most often prompted by injury, age, arthritis, or the buildup of scar…

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Dr. Jackson Joins Local 5 Live to Discuss Chronic Pain Solutions

By Alexis Draeger / March 6, 2024

Local 5 Live segment:   Dr. Jackson joined Local 5 Live on Tuesday, March 5th to discuss chronic pain and the benefits of therapy offered at Midwest Pain Solutions.   Dr. Jackson’s passion is to help chronic pain patients find a better quality of life. Whether it is to dance at your grandchildren’s wedding…

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All About Midwest Pain Solutions

By Alexis Draeger / February 22, 2024

At Midwest Pain Solutions, we often get asked “who” we can help. Our therapies help aid those who experience chronic pain, including but not limited to:   Musculoskeletal pain Osteoarthritis (head to toe) Back and neck pain Disc degeneration / herniations Sciatica / stenosis Shoulders pain, rotator cuff, frozen shoulder ACL, MCL, TCL, meniscus tears Shoulder,…

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Local 5 Live Features Dr. Jackson

By Alexis Draeger / January 29, 2024

Local 5 Live segment:     It’s winter time in Wisconsin – take action at Midwest Pain Solutions!   Dr. Jackson joined Local 5 Live on 1/29/24 to discuss therapies available at Midwest Pain Solutions. Over 50 million people in the United States are affected by chronic pain everyday. And winter time may be…

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Healthy Breakfasts

By Alexis Draeger / January 24, 2024

What does a healthy breakfast look like?   Studies have shown that a healthy breakfast should consist of 50% protein, 30% carbohydrate, and 20% good fats. This ratio has been reported to have positive benefits on mood, alertness, and attentiveness.    Literature also suggests that our diets play a large role in managing chronic pain…

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Importance of Exercising with Aging

By Alexis Draeger / January 18, 2024

As you age, regular physical activity is one of the most important things you can do for your health. By exercising regularly, it may delay or diminish health problems that typically come with growing older. Physical activity has many benefits, including building body strength, improving mental health, enhancing mobility, increasing flexibility, and combating fatigue.   …

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Healthier Choices Decrease Chronic Pain

By Alexis Draeger / January 9, 2024

Small habits can make a big difference when you have chronic pain. Basic things like how you eat, exercise, sleep, stretch, and even think can limit or decrease your chronic pain!    Did you know that many chronic health issues are caused by inflammation that can directly correlate to what we are feeding our bodies?…

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Let 2023 Be Your Last Year of Pain

By Alexis Draeger / December 7, 2023

2023 is coming to an end, don’t let your chronic pain hold you back any longer! At Midwest Pain Solutions, we specialize in FDA-cleared, non-invasive treatments that will eliminate your pain.   Chronic pain is a common condition that over 50 million people in the U.S. deal with on a daily basis that can be…

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