Sleeping with Chronic Pain – The Best Tips

By Molly Behnke / March 8, 2022

Chronic pain is known to affect a good night’s rest. It may be difficult for you to fall asleep at night, cause you to awaken in the middle of the night or very early in the morning, and/or leave you not feeling refreshed after your night’s rest.     If you experience any of these…

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High Intensity Laser Therapy: How It Works

By Molly Behnke / February 15, 2022

In every consultation, I am asked questions about high intensity laser therapy, such as how it works as a treatment and the science that makes high intensity lasers possible. LASER is an acronym that stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emissions of Radiation. LASER is a concentrated narrow beam of light. Light can be described…

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Stay Active During Our Cold Wisconsin Winters

By Molly Behnke / January 18, 2022

It is tremendously important to stay active — especially during the cold winter months where it may be more difficult to get out and find motivation. Do not let our Wisconsin winters take over your physical activity. Increase strength, flexibility, and combat fatigue by participating in the following activities:   At home: Walk around the…

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Dr. Jackson Visits Local 5 Live to Discuss Post-Surgical Pain

By Molly Behnke / December 13, 2021

Dr. Jackson Draeger, DC joined Local 5 Live on WFRV-TV on Monday, December 13th to discuss post-surgical pain.     Dr. Jackson explains how although surgery is sometimes inevitable, it comes with recovery time, scar tissue, pain and potentially failed surgical outcomes. With joint replacement surgery drastically on the rise over the last decade and…

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Shining a Light on Chronic Pain

By Molly Behnke / September 9, 2021

Since September is Pain Awareness Month, my goal is to raise awareness about pain and how we manage it. Every day I hear stories from people about their battles with chronic pain. And while their suffering overall is similar, each experience with pain is individual and presents unique obstacles to address. Patients often tell me…

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Treating Gold Medal Hopefuls at the U.S. Olympic Trials

By Molly Behnke / August 5, 2021

As the United States Track and Field Team and their legion of fans showed up to Eugene, Oregon, I, too, loaded up on a Boeing 737 and made my descent on the bustling town. Eugene is known as “TrackTown USA” due to its affiliation with the University of Oregon and a certain Phil Knight, the…

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5 Reasons to Book a No Cost Consultation at Midwest Pain Solutions

By Dr. Jackson / March 4, 2021

1. It’s free! In a world where there is a subscription for everything and monthly or weekly payments due, sometimes it’s nice to do something for free. Free means there is no obligation and no commitment. Free means there’s no worrying about money. The only thing you have to worry about is setting 30 minutes…

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Chronic Pain Forecast

By Dr. Jackson / February 2, 2021

Falling in Winter and Why the Gait Cycle Plays An Important Role Why do we fall in winter? The answer seems so simple —  different forms of frozen water! Ice and snow are by far the biggest reasons for falling in winter. But why do 20-year-olds seemingly run on ice and snow fine, while people…

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What to Expect on Your First Visit to MPS?

By Dr. Jackson / January 21, 2021

On your first visit at Midwest Pain Solutions (MPS), you can expect a very welcoming and friendly environment. As you enter, you’ll notice the beautiful decorations that my mother Dr. Reva Draeger has accumulated throughout the years. She loves all things antiques and decorated the clinic with a sophisticated touch from a bygone era. The…

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New Year, New Us — Same Clinic, Same Doctors, Same Great Care.

By Dr. Jackson / December 22, 2020

 We have a very big announcement! As of January 1st my wife (Lexie) and I (Dr. Jackson) will be buying the Integrated Pain Solutions business in Green Bay! We are so very excited! We will be buying the clinic from my parents (Dr. Curt & Dr. Reva Draeger). This comes at a time when my…

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