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Chronic Pain Quiz

Please take just a few minutes to answer questions about your chronic pain. Please note that an asterisk (*) indicates a required field. Your answers will be reviewed by our team to see if Midwest Pain Solutions can help relieve your chronic pain.

How old are you?
Are you in pain more than 10% of your day?
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Does pain interfere with your sleep?
Do you make decisions in your life based on your level of pain?

Thank you for telling us more about your chronic pain. One of our doctors will review your answers to determine if you might benefit from our treatment.

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It Is Possible To Find Healing

Midwest Pain Solutions is passionate about helping those experiencing chronic pain find relief and healing. We use chiropractic care, high intensity laser therapy, and other treatments to address the root cause of the pain instead of masking it. 

Take our chronic pain quiz below to learn more about how we could help you! Take the next step toward finding relief and greater wellness.

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Our Services

Midwest Pain Solutions offers both preventive and customized chronic pain care plans to eradicate chronic pain. We understand that healing must occur for our patients to find relief and to truly increase their quality of life. Learn more about our services below, read our blog, and contact us for a free consultation


Chiropractic care is a central part of chronic pain management as proper alignment can help to promote healing, pain relief, and greater function. To help address chronic pain we utilize adjustments, hydrotherapy beds, and more.


Chronic Pain Solutions

When you entrust us with your treatment, we create a customized plan to address the root cause of your chronic pain, utilizing our chiropractic care, HILT, and more. 

High Intensity Laser Therapy

HILT was pioneered by Midwest Pain Solutions, and we still use our proprietary technology for each treatment. HILT can painlessly reach deeper areas of damage and pain that chiropractic care and massage can’t.



Midwest Pain Solutions wants to help educate our patients about chronic pain, general wellness, and why chiropractic care is a viable treatment. Learn more on our blog!