Chronic Pain

Michael M. Testimonial

Low Back Pain

Since age 25, Michael has been dealing with osteoarthritis. After years of trying to find pain relief through injections, surgeries, and medications, Michael was still seeking for a solution. After starting care at Midwest Pain Solutions, Michael believes it was a blessing in disguise and his expectations of care were exceeded. Michael believes that Dr. Jackson truly cares and treats every patient as an individual.

"This type of treatment really needs to get more attention as an alternative and a primary source rather than a secondary source."

Linda K. Testimonial

Hip & Knee Pain

Hip and knee pain had caused Linda to stop doing what she loved. After nearly 10 years of this pain, she was unable to walk and exercise like she used to. Linda did not find success with other therapies and decided to come to Midwest Pain Solutions. She is happy with the care she has received and is now able to do more of what she loves. Linda believes to trust the process of care at Midwest Pain Solutions because it works!

"Midwest Pain Solutions and Dr. Draeger have helped me a lot. I've got a better quality of life now and I can do more things that I previously had to give up. Things are really looking good."

Lindy V. Testimonial

Neck Pain

Lindy has suffered with bone spurs in her neck for over 30 years. This resulted from a car accident and causes ongoing, miserable pain everyday. After trying physical therapy, Lindy couldn't find relief and did not want to continue with surgery or medications. Lindy came to Midwest Pain Solutions and claims it was one of the best moves she has made. Just after a few treatments, she noticed tremendous improvement and continues to feel better everyday.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has taken away discomfort I've had for over 30 years. It is truly life changing."

Chris B. Testimonial

Neck & Low Back Pain

After going on 45 years of back pain, Chris couldn't find pain relief. She had been to numerous chiropractors and would seek care everyday. Chris' pain caused her trouble to stand, walk, cook, do yardwork, and play with her grandchildren. After starting care at Midwest Pain Solutions, she is now able to move and do what she couldn't before. Chris believes that the high-intensity laser therapy is a crucial part of care for her joints, muscles, and blood flow. Chris states that the care at Midwest Pain Solutions has helped her tremendously and she wishes she would've come sooner.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has helped me enjoy my life again. It is wonderful to be able to move again."

Monte R. Testimonial

Achilles Pain

Monte tore his Achilles during a football game which turned his world around. From not being able to walk to learning to drive with his opposite foot, he was frustrated that he couldn't be active anymore. Monte started care at Midwest Pain Solutions and recovered faster than he had anticipated. With the push of medications these days, Monte is happy with our drug-free therapy. He believes that the high-intensity laser therapy played a crucial part in recovery and getting back faster. Monte believes Dr. Jackson and the staff are very knowledgeable, caring, and friendly.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has been so crucial in my recovery. I would recommend to anybody."

Gary G. Testimonial

Low Back Pain

Gary had been suffering from back pain since 1982 when he was in an accident. His back pain lingered down his legs and into his ankles, feeling like needles. Since Gary was in pain 24/7, his mood was affected and he couldn't sleep or stand. After trying acupuncture and over-the-counter drugs, Gary didn't find pain relief. He decided to come to Midwest Pain Solutions and he is glad he did. Gary now can do everything 100% and without pain. Care at Midwest Pain Solutions was more than he expected.

"Midwest Pain Solutions made me pain-free and I am very happy."

Dennis W. Testimonial

Neck Pain / Headaches

After hitting his head from a fall, Dennis started experiencing headaches and severe tension in the back of his neck. Going into a quiet, dark room was the only relief Dennis could find. The pain brought Dennis down and he couldn't concentrate like normal. Other doctors didn't have an answer for Dennis' pain, until he came to Midwest Pain Solutions. Dr. Jackson and Dr. Curt diagnosed his pain and started treatment. The care at Midwest Pain Solutions has benefited Dennis in a way where he does not get many headaches anymore, they are not as severe, and he is more comfortable.

"Midwest Pain Solutions is number one. You go to other places, it's a business. This here is more like a family."

Andrew S. Testimonial

Neck Pain / Migraines

Andrew had been suffering with a constant headache since 2020 and has not had any success elsewhere. He tried medication, botox, and had an ablation with no success to ease his headache. Andrew couldn't enjoy his everyday life and his pain affected his close family. After coming to Midwest Pain Solutions, Andrew believes that Dr. Jackson is very realistic and has met his expectations of care. Andrew is now able to enjoy his everyday life without a headache.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has improved my life after the last 3 years of headaches. I certainly feel a lot more like myself again."

Gary Z. Testimonial

Foot & Knee Pain

Gary suffered from arthritis in his foot, which led him to cortisone shots. He was then informed that he needed a full knee replacement to aid his pain. Prior to care at Midwest Pain Solutions, Gary had to think about every step taken. Gary decided to meet with Dr. Jackson to find alternative pain relief. He believes that Dr. Jackson finds the cause of the pain problem and treats the body as a whole instead of specializing in one area. Care at Midwest Pain Solutions has allowed Gary to get back to what he loves to do without drugs or operations, and he is better than he was before.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has gotten me back to doing what I love to do, and not thinking about every step I take."

Vicky S. Testimonial

Shoulder Pain

Vicky suffered with intense shoulder and bicep pain, which caused inability to lift, sleep, and exercise. Vicky realized she needed help with her pain and sought alternatives for real solutions. She believes in doing what you can without invasive procedures and consuming drugs, so Midwest Pain Solutions was the perfect fit. Vicky believes the high-intensity laser therapy is very soothing, comforting, and reaches deep areas of pain to provide relief and healing. Our therapies provided Vicky with great hope, as well as the ability to lift and sleep again. Vicky feels very welcomed and part of the family at Midwest Pain Solutions.

"You will get the best care here. Midwest Pain Solutions has given me hope for continued, healthy living."

Robert D. Testimonial

Shoulder Pain

A college injury resulted in constant shoulder pain years later with no relief. Robert couldn't do the things he wanted to do because of his shoulder pain and weakness in his hand. His pain caused his mental state to shift which affected his friends and family. After being told he needed surgery, Robert sought care at Midwest Pain Solutions. Robert believes the high-intensity laser therapy is an interval part and the accumulative therapy overtime healed his pain. Robert now has full range of motion, feels 100% better, and is back to doing what he loves. Robert believes Dr. Jackson is caring, compassionate, honest, and has high-integrity.

"I couldn't be happier with the care at Midwest Pain Solutions. Their honesty, integrity, and care is top notch."

Ralf V. Testimonial

Knee Pain

After suffering from an injury in high school, Ralf could not escape his knee pain. He had his knee scoped numerous times and was told he needed a knee replacement, which he was not ready for. Ralf was tired of constantly eating pills to find some sort of relief. After coming to Midwest Pain Solutions, Ralf found complete pain relief through our high-intensity laser therapy and chiropractic care. Ralf no longer has knee pain and is able to climb stairs again.

"Midwest Pain Solutions is awesome. There's no more pain and I'm not eating pills anymore."

Clare M. Testimonial

Knee Pain

Clare had such intense knee pain that she could barely walk, move, or extend her leg for a couple months. This pain greatly affected Clare's life because she had to think about every single movement she was making. It was very important for Clare to not take drugs or be under the knife; she wanted to see what could be done with her body in a non-invasive way. Clare believes the high-intensity laser therapy is comforting, warm, and understands what it is doing within her body, and she is very happy to have this therapy available to her. After care at Midwest Pain Solutions, she is now able to move and bend her leg -- what a difference that makes in her everyday life. Clare believes Dr. Jackson, the clinic, and the staff are wonderful and comforting. She is happy to be looked after so well.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has been the answer to our prayers about finding relief for me, and it has done everything I wanted it to. I am very happy about it!"

Dan S. Testimonial

Knee Pain

Dan has lived with knee pain for years, but pain had worsened when he tore his meniscus on a hunting trip. Dan tried physical therapy and cortisone shots, but relief was not lasting. Dan sought care at Midwest Pain Solutions after a doctor recommended surgery and he knew he wasn't there yet. Dan's knee pain limited him from walking down stairs, hiking, and snowshoeing. Midwest Pain Solutions got Dan back on track to living his everyday life.

"It's nice not to be always swallowing pills, and if I don't have to have surgery, that is always a good thing."

Dennis D. Testimonial

Back Pain

Dennis suffered from extreme back pain after working outside. The pain never seemed to get better, costing him sleepless nights, trips to the ER, and seeking alternatives. Midwest Pain Solutions was the perfect fit for Dennis as he did not find results from other therapies and could not move forward with surgery. Dennis seeks expertise and experience when it comes to healthcare providers; fortunately he found both through Dr. Jackson and Midwest Pain Solutions. Dennis has found pain relief and is now able to walk and get back to everyday activities.

"Midwest Pain Solutions listened to my wife and I, and planned out a course of action to attack the root cause of my pain. It has been very successful."

Dianne I. Testimonial

Back / Hip / Leg Pain

After hip surgery, Dianne suffered from nerve damage that caused intense pain down her hip, leg, and into her foot. Dianne had fell and fractured her femur, which she had replacement but still experienced an immense amount of pain. Midwest Pain Solutions was Dianne's last resort to find pain relief. Fortunately, through our therapies, Dianne found pain relief and is now able to move better. She believes Dr. Jackson is very knowledgeable, has different chiropractic techniques than others, and the high-intensity laser therapy makes all the difference.

"Midwest Pain Solutions got me back on the right track in life and got me able to move around very well. I thank them for that and I hope others find the same results that I did."

Cheryl V. Testimonial

Knee Pain

Cheryl experienced many knee injuries, starting when she was only 20 years old, which caused extreme knee pain. Cheryl's pain was triggered by everyday use, which caused complications going on walks, bike rides, and doing activities with her husband. After care at Midwest Pain Solutions, Cheryl's knee pain has improved significantly and she now seeks care for all other conditions. Cheryl believes Dr. Jackson and his staff are very friendly, approachable, thorough, and compassionate.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has allowed me to treat the physical pain in my body in a natural way."

Marian R. Testimonial

Shoulder / Neck Pain

Marian suffered from sharp pain down her arm. The pain was on and off for the last couple years, but came to a point where she couldn't ignore it anymore and needed to seek natural ways to relieve the pain. Marian's pain was so extreme that she needed her husband's help for basic life activities. Marian's care at Midwest Pain Solutions has been more than she had expected. She feels results from the chiropractic care and high-intensity laser therapy, and is on the road to recovery. Marian states that our clinic feels like a family and she knows that she is well taken care of.

"Doctor really listens, and I find that wonderful because I know I will be taken care of."

Randy R. Testimonial

Hip Pain

Physical labor during 80-hour work weeks caused tremendous hip pain for Randy, making him believe the next step was a hip replacement. Randy had sharp pain in his hip that progressively got worse, causing limitations on life. After Randy started care at Midwest Pain Solutions, he has found pain relief, which has made his life easier. Randy believes that Dr. Jackson is very good at what he does and truly cares to listen, when a lot of other Doctors won't.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has been one of the better things I've done in my life."

Judy P. Testimonial

Low Back Pain

Such severe low back pain caused Judy to miss work and stop her normal life activities. Judy found it difficult to stand, walk, and get in and out of her vehicle. Judy had a fear of chiropractors, but was happy she came to Midwest Pain Solutions because her expectations were met and she has found pain relief through our non-invasive and non-medication therapies.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has gotten me able to resume my normal activities, get back on my horse, and enjoy life again."

Lori R. Testimonial

Sciatica / Neck Pain

Lori suffered from sciatica and neck pain, which caused limitations with volunteering, spending time with her husband, and doing her favorite activities. She has been dealing with radiating pain throughout her back, hips, and legs, along with neck pain for about a year. After a recommendation from a friend, Lori came in to find pain relief without unnecessary medications. She believes that not all medications are needed; if you receive the proper care, you can live your life to the fullest. After completing almost half of her treatment plan, she has already noticed a significant difference and is able to do things she thought she wouldn't be able to do anymore.

"When I come to Midwest Pain Solutions, I am at ease. I feel like I'm at home and I feel a lot better when I leave."

Paulette N. Testimonial

Back / Leg Pain

Paulette had an operation done on her leg, leaving her with an uneven feeling within her back and leg. After 3 years of pain, she knew it was time to seek the root cause of her pain. Paulette's aches and pains were alleviated after care at Midwest Pain Solutions. She is now able to walk and be active outdoors after the "soothing therapies" she has received. She now can enjoy her trips and keep going in life without constant pain. Paulette believes Dr. Jackson and his staff are attentive, caring, and knowledgeable; and the clinic is a family-type atmosphere.

"I love that there are no added drugs, its the body being acted upon naturally."

Amber K. Testimonial

Knee / Back / Neck Pain

Amber has had knee pain for as long as she could remember, in addition to back and neck pain. Her pain would increase while walking and sitting. After seeing the level of care her parents received at Midwest Pain Solutions, she came in to see Dr. Jackson for chiropractic care. He was able to give her pain relief after the first visit and she has continued to have long-term relief. Amber believes that Dr. Jackson really listens to your concerns and wants to address them. Amber comes in for chiropractic adjustments about 2-3 times a month and her quality of life has increased because of it.

"As soon as I stepped in the door, the staff was very welcoming and made me feel at home. The care that I received at Midwest Pain Solutions has increased my quality of life."

Julie H. Testimonial

Fall Incident Pain

Julie fell on an ice patch 3 years ago, resulting in a poor quality of life. She was unable to do her everyday activities and sat in a recliner all day long. Julie works with kids and had to miss out on it due to her pain. The care at Midwest Pain Solutions has made a huge difference in her life. She is back to teaching during the week, is able to walk and bike greater distances. Julie believes that the no-cost consultation is the perfect way to start your pain-relief journey.

"Dr. Jackson is very knowledgeable in his area. He has a little different approach from chiropractors I've had in the past, but his methods are working and very beneficial."

Lee J. Testimonial

Back Pain

Before coming to Midwest Pain Solutions, Lee suffered from terrible back pain. He tried many other treatments, most of which did not work. He had difficulty walking and knew his pain affected those around him. After meeting with Dr. Jackson, Lee knew he was very knowledgeable and began treatment. The drug-free aspect of our therapies was extremely important to Lee as he did not want to take anymore medication than needed. Lee left the clinic feeling good every time and now has his pain-free life back.

"This place actually exceeded my expectations way beyond what I thought. My pain is basically gone."

Bonnie T. Testimonial

Back & Neck Pain

Bonnie suffered from arthritis in her back and neck for the last 10 years. After numerous surgeries, it was time to find a non-invasive alternative for pain relief. Bonnie missed out on part of her life due to her pain, until she came to Midwest Pain Solutions. After completing her treatment plan and staying on top of her health with maintenance care, Bonnie's life has changed as she is now able to do her normal life activities. The high-intensity laser therapy is Bonnie's favorite part and she truly believes it helps the healing process along.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has helped me maintain my quality of life that I want to have at almost 70 years old."

Jane C. Testimonial

Spinal Stenosis

Jane suffered from spinal stenosis for the last 10 years, which is the narrowing of space within the spine. The nerves in her spine were affected, so she was affected and could not play with her grandchildren or travel as much as she wanted to. Jane found the high-intensity laser therapy comforting, warm, and felt that it was relieving arthritis each session. She has found pain relief through Midwest Pain Solutions and has loved every minute spent in the clinic. Jane's expectations of care were exceeded and she felt well taken care of. Jane felt her mood has been lifted after finding pain relief, and her family has noticed a change as well.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has allowed me to regain what I had lost with the pain I was suffering, and I am very grateful for that."

Cheryl K. Testimonial

Upper Back & Shoulder Pain

Cheryl has suffered from upper back and shoulder pain for over 15 years from working at a computer all day. She was unable to complete her everyday activities like cleaning, lifting objects, carrying in her groceries, and more. Certain movements would cause muscle spasms and difficulties breathing. Cheryl couldn't enjoy her life the way she wanted to and sought a permanent solution. After treatment at Midwest Pain Solutions, Cheryl has noticed positive results with the movement of her joints, experiences less pain, and is now able to be more active. She believes that Dr. Jackson wants to get to the root cause of the problem and truly cares to help.

"Midwest Pain Solutions got me back on the road to recovery."

Terri J. Testimonial

Shoulder Pain

Terri had rotator cuff surgery on her left arm and was told she needed surgery on her right arm as well. She did not want to be laid up again and started seeking alternatives to surgery. Terri's parents had such great luck at Midwest Pain Solutions, so Terri came in for a no-cost consultation with Dr. Jackson to talk over treatments. Terri's pain affected those around her because she could not hold her grandchildren, go four wheeling, or exercise. After beginning treatment at Midwest Pain Solutions, Terri is now able to do everything she couldn't before. She has no pain and is so thankful she did not have to proceed with another surgery, injections, or rely on drugs.

"Midwest Pain Solutions changed my life because I did not have to go through with another surgery. I may never have to have surgery and that alone is so exciting."

Julie H. Testimonial

Back Pain

Julie was sleeping in a chair at night and spending most of her time on the floor with ice packs due to a pinched nerve in her lower back. The pain affected Julie physically and emotionally to the point where she did not have the energy to go places. Julie took advantage of the no-cost consultation and felt that Midwest Pain Solutions was a warm and familiar place. Julie did not want to pursue surgery or medications, and found relief through our high-intensity laser therapy. Friends and family of Julie saw the difference it made in her life.

"I think Midwest Pain Solutions is the answer to your pain problem."

Rob B. Testimonial

Back Pain

Rob was involved in a car accident at a young age, causing 40 years of constant back pain. After seeing many doctors throughout those years, Dr. Jackson was the only one to eliminate his pain completely. Rob woke up in pain and went to sleep in pain, and he missed out on life because it. Rob came to Midwest Pain Solutions with the expectation to avoid surgery and find some relief, further resulting in zero pain for the first time in 40 years. Rob feels like he has his life back, which is priceless!

"Midwest Pain Solutions has changed my life for the better and I am totally gratitude for Dr. Jackson and his staff because of it."

Susie V. Testimonial

Back Pain

Susie suffered from extreme back pain and went through two back surgeries. After her second surgery, all of her pain came back and was told her next option was a third surgery. Susie was desperate to feel "normal" again as her pain didn't only affect her physically, but also emotionally. Susie came to Midwest Pain Solutions with the expectation to find pain relief and left with her expectations exceeded. Dr. Jackson explained everything in detail and got Susie back to doing what she loves most -- shopping, fishing, and playing with her grandchildren. Susie states that Midwest Pain Solutions has made her life complete again.

"I have a lot to be thankful for, especially Dr. Jackson."

Mary B. Testimonial

Plantar Fasciitis

Mary lives on a farm that requires constant work. Mary had plantar fasciitis and tendonitis that caused a great amount of pain and discomfort. Mary missed out on playing with her grandchildren and working in her garden, until she found relief at Midwest Pain Solutions. Drug-free and non-invasive treatments are very important to Mary due to her heart condition that restricts many medications.

"Midwest Pain Solutions really helped with my quality of life and made me feel better."

Reginald G. Testimonial

Left Hip Pain

Reginald has had numerous MRIs, EMGs, referrals, and therapies to try to relieve his hip pain, coming out with no solutions. The pain started with the sciatic nerve in his left hip, further resulting in drop foot and low back pain. Reginald was consuming hundreds of pills each month until he decided to come in for a consultation at Midwest Pain Solutions. Reginald explains that Dr. Jackson is very informative and not high pressuring. By the second/third appointment, Reginald found pain relief and believes Midwest Pain Solutions is a total help.

"We knew coming in the first appointment what was going to happen."

Bonnie S. Testimonial

Back & Hip Pain

Bonnie had many incidents and injuries that caused a lot of back and hip pain. After injections and surgeries, Bonnie came in for a no-cost consultation with Dr. Jackson and chose to begin treatment. About halfway through Bonnie's treatment plan, she noticed a difference with her pain. Midwest Pain Solutions has improved Bonnie's walking, and she would recommend the therapies to anybody suffering from pain. 

"It really made the difference in the world for me."

Sheryl M. Testimonial

Lower Back & Shoulder Pain

Sheryl suffered from extreme low back and shoulder pain for many years. The pain took away Sheryl's ability to cook meals and grocery shop. The next options explained to Sheryl were injections or surgery, which she did not want to have. After having a consultation with Dr. Jackson, Sheryl was relieved he went through x-rays and treatment plans. Sheryl found relief and was finally able to share Christmas with her family and cook meals.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has changed my life and brought the old me back." 

Judy H. Testimonial

Knee Pain

Judy had such extreme pain that she needed a cane to assist her. The pain would stop Judy from playing with her grandchildren and enjoying the outdoors. After temporary relief from injections and not wanting to continue with surgery, Judy talked with Dr. Jackson and began treatment. Judy is experiencing a better quality of life and looks forward to summertime activities in Wisconsin.

"Dr. Jackson not only treats you like a patient, he treats you like family."

Pat P. Testimonial

Lower Back Pain

Pat suffered from extreme lower back pain that affected his everyday life. The pain would stop Pat from doing what he loved most, which included gardening, hunting, and fishing. Pat's wife talked him into coming to Midwest Pain Solutions to begin treatment and relieve his pain, and he is happy he did. Pat describes the high-intensity lasers as a "warm sensation" with no pain. Midwest Pain Solutions has exceeded Pat's expectations, and he is now able to get back to the things he loves doing.

"I can do anything I could do 25-30 years ago." 

Gary G. Testimonial

Back Pain

Gary has struggled with back pain for 15 years, but over the last several years, it has gotten progressively worse. Months before going to Midwest Pain Solutions, he couldn’t stand up or twist his body without being in pain. He had to pull himself up the steps. As Dr. Jackson reviewed Gary’s x-rays, he discovered that Gary had moderate arthritis in his back. After a combination of chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy, Gary’s condition substantially improved. What’s more, after the treatment, Gary could go to the grocery store and about his daily life without pain.

“Dr. Jackson was very encouraging and he definitely knows what he’s doing. Midwest Pain Solutions decreased my pain, increased my ability to move, and basically restored my life to be normal again.”

Sharon S. Testimonial

Neck Pain

Sharon came to Midwest Pain Solutions with terrible neck pain. The pain would get worse when driving and when she watched her grandchildren. Sharon saw a commercial for no-cost consultations at Midwest Pain Solutions where she discussed her pain and limited mobility with Dr. Jackson. Dr. Jackson created a customized treatment plan consisted of chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy (HILT) and within one month Sharon was seeing great improvements.

"My experience was to have some pain relief but I am older and sometimes things can't be fixed, but I am amazed by my experience with Midwest Pain Solutions. Midwest Pain Solutions has helped me decrease my pain and made me much more mobile, allowing me to do more with my grandchildren."

Linda L. Testimonial

Shoulder Pain

Linda found herself at Midwest Pain Solutions seeking treatment for her mother's chronic pain issues. After watching her mother's successful treatment, she pursued care for herself regarding her shoulder pain.

"The pain was so severe I couldn't lift my arm or do anything."

Dr. Jackson was able to sit down with Linda during a no-cost consultation, learn more about her pain and limitations and create a customized treatment plan consisting of chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy. After about 6 treatments at Midwest Pain Solutions, Linda started seeing results.

"Go to the no-cost consultation and see what Midwest Pain Solutions has to say and go from there. Dr. Jackson Draeger and the team are great; they really care".

Tina H. Testimonial

Neck Pain & Migraines

Tina suffered for years with extreme neck pain and migraines. Pain would occur after any household tasks such as vacuuming or shoveling causing her to sit down and rest for two to three days. After trying just about everything to find relief, she saw an add on television for no-cost consultations at Midwest Pain Solutions. Tina and her husband attended a free consultation with Dr. Jackson.

"Dr. Jackson is amazing; he is very down to earth, and explained everything."

Tina started care that consisted of chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy and found gradual but complete relief of her neck pain/migraines.

"I am back to my happy old self. Midwest Pain Solutions got me back to living life. Thank you."

Chris J. Testimonial

Chronic Pain

Chris came to Midwest Pain Solutions as a retired nurse that was unable to walk without a cane or a walker due to her extreme amounts of pain. She spent two years prior bouncing between orthopedic surgeons, pain centers and physical therapists to help rid the pain but nothing seemed to help. Chris scheduled a no-cost consultation with Dr. Jackson at Midwest Pain Solutions with hopes of finding pain relief without turning to surgery.  Midwest Pain Solutions helped Chris free up her daily routine, get rid of her cane and continue to live with a good quality of life.

"Dr. Jackson is very knowledgeable and helped me understand my pain completely. After 3 months of treatment I was able to find relief. I would and have recommended Midwest Pain Solutions and Dr. Jackson to my friends and family. It doesn't hurt to do a no-cost consultation and see if they can help." 

Ron B. Testimonial

Chronic & Severe Pain, Limited Mobility

Before stepping into Midwest Pain Solutions, Ron suffered with an acute ankle injury that quickly turned chronic with severe pain and limited mobility. Working for the postal service, Ron had a difficult time working without constant pain in his ankle/leg. After doctors began discussing an ankle fusion, Ron decided to seek treatment in a more "less-invasive" route and scheduled a no-cost consultation at Midwest Pain Solutions. Dr. Jackson created a customized treatment plan of specific chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy. After a few treatments, Ron was able to experience increase mobility and decreased pain in his ankle.

"After a few treatments I was able to do more because the pain started to decrease and my ankle mobility increased."

Monica H. Testimonial

Chronic Knee Pain

Continuous wear and tear working on the farm and riding horses caused Monica to struggle with chronic knee pain. Sitting at a crossroads between surgery and non-invasive alternatives Monica scheduled a no-cost consultation at Midwest Pain Solutions.

"I told the doctors that I wanted to be able to ride my horse again. Doing farm with in pain is one thing, but I have been riding horses since I was 9 and I wanted to continue to do so without pain."

Dr. Jackson and Dr. Curt created a customized care plan consisting on specialized chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy and by the end of treatment, Monica was able to ride her horse without pain.

"Laser therapy is the real McCoy. Dr. Jackson and Dr. Curt are great people and they want you to feel great when you walk out of the door. Midwest Pain Solutions got me back on my horse."

Patty W. Testimonial

Ankle Pain & Chronic Pain

Patty and her husband Dennis are farmers with an active lifestyle who have both been dealing with chronic pain for years. Both attended a seminar about the non-invasive chronic pain treatments offered at Midwest Pain Solutions. Afterward, Patty’s husband Dennis decided to see Dr. Jackson for treatment. Patty, who came with her husband, eventually also started receiving treatment. As a result of treatment, both can be active without debilitating pain — Patty even says her pain is completely gone! Dennis avoided ankle replacement surgery, and Patty avoided taking steroids and other medications as a result of the adjustments and High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) treatments they both received at Midwest Pain Solutions.

“Midwest Pain Solutions gave us a new lease on life. . . they have greatly reduced our pain and increased our function so we can enjoy our life, our family, and everything we enjoy doing.”

Mary B. Testimonial
Chronic Neck Pain

Mary had been dealing with severe chronic neck pain for over 32 years that made her have to wear a neck brace in the car because any bump made her pain excruciating. Nothing seemed to help the pain; she felt as though she had tried everything. Mary and her husband attended a no-cost consultation at Midwest Pain Solutions and learned about treatments consisting of chiropractic care and High Intensity Laser Therapy. Dr. Jackson was able to help Mary further understand her condition and create a customized treatment plan to help Mary get back to enjoying life pain free.

“Midwest Pain Solutions is the place to go for short term or long term issues — they have the solutions.”

Lea T. Testimonial
Chronic Lower Back Pain

Lea had suffered from chronic back pain for years, and even though she had retired, she still was experiencing pain even doing basic daily activities: she had trouble walking and even getting out of bed. She tried everything to heal and decrease her pain but nothing helped. After just one treatment at Midwest Pain Solutions, Lea felt looser, and then within a few weeks more of treatment, she felt 85% relieved. Now, she and her husband go camping, climb mountains and steps, and she can get out of bed with no difficulty. She says the high-intensity laser treatment made the biggest difference.

“Midwest Pain Solution has been a retirement savings for me. I’ve been able to get out and enjoy nature and to go camping with my kids.”

Alan P. Testimonial
Chronic Knee Pain

As the years went on, Alan’s chronic knee pain got worse. He was limiting his ability to live life, and his daily activities continued to get smaller and smaller. When Alan scheduled a no-cost consultation at Midwest Pain Solutions, his chronic knee pain was sharp, stabbing and continued all day long. After Dr. Jackson created a customized care plan, consisting of chiropractic adjustments and High Intensity Laser Therapy, Alan was able to find the relief he was searching for. After treatment at Midwest Pain Solutions, he doesn’t even think about his pain; he is able to live his life normally and can even enjoy the outdoors like he used to. Though he still goes to MPS for maintenance, he is able to enjoy his life once again.

"For anyone who is thinking ‘should I come in?’ just come in! It costs nothing to come in the door. And like myself, it could turn out to be the best door you ever walked though. Midwest Pain Solutions got me back on my feet.”