Solutions For Foot and Ankle Pain

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Solutions For Chronic Foot and Ankle Pain Include:

  • High intensity laser therapy (HILT)
  • Chiropractic adjustments 
  • Customized care plan for your chronic pain

How Can I Find Foot or Ankle Pain Relief?

Foot and ankle issues are experienced by people living a variety of lifestyles. Pain can be caused by a single sports injury or fall. Or, the pain can develop gradually due to a degenerative condition.

If your feet or ankles hurt, your whole body will feel the effects over time. They serve as the base of support for your entire body, so even minor injuries to your feet or ankles can severely impact mobility and quality of life.

Steroid injections, often seen as ‘quick-fix’ solutions, are some doctors’ preferred treatment for ankle and foot pain. This is because ankle replacements and other surgeries are difficult and don’t always result in long-term success. Though, the same can be said about injections and medications, which target the patient’s symptoms but don’t address the root cause of the pain and are therefore not a long-term solution.

Midwest Pain Solutions Offers Alternative Methods to Treat Foot and Ankle Pain

A multifaceted approach is required to successfully relieve foot and ankle pain and correct the underlying problem. At Midwest Pain Solutions, Dr. Jackson and a team of foot and ankle pain experts will conduct a complete assessment of your body and pain points to create a custom recovery plan.

For many patients, this includes non-invasive treatments such as high intensity laser therapy and chiropractic adjustments to address the underlying cause of the pain and allow them to experience healing and relief.

Fill out Midwest Pain Solutions’ Chronic Pain Quiz. It’s short but provides enough information to help us put you on the path to recovery.


Why Choose Midwest Pain Solutions?

As the Green Bay and Appleton areas leader in providing non-invasive foot and ankle relief, Midwest Pain Solutions has offered compassionate, comprehensive care for more than 30 years. The pioneer of high intensity laser therapy, we pair its myriad of benefits with other chiropractic therapies.

Patients have come to trust Dr. Jackson and his staff are committed to helping them find relief and regain a quality of life they thought was no longer possible.

Contact us today to learn more about how Dr. Jackson decreases pain, increases function, and restores life.

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Chronic Foot and Ankle Pain Relief in Green Bay & Appleton

Patients with pain in their ankles or feet often come to Midwest Pain Solutions citing numbness, shooting pain, tingling down the leg to the foot, and difficulty walking.


Common causes of ankle pain:

Arthritis in ankle and foot

Degeneration of ankle and foot

Ankle stiffness caused from degeneration and shifting of bones

Walking unevenly

Swelling in ankle and feet


Common causes of foot pain:

Heel spur

Plantar fasciitis

Pain in ball of foot/arthritis in foot


Hammer toes

Neuromas (Morton’s neuroma)

Neuropathy from stenosis


If you’ve tried everything and nothing seems to make your feet or ankles feel better, Midwest Pain Solutions is here to help!

Our combination of chiropractic care and high intensity laser therapy relieves pain at the source, whether you’re an athlete or just trying to stay active later in life. Schedule your free consultation today!