Professional Athletes

Aaron Jones Testimonial

To Aaron Jones, taking care of his body is instrumental. In professional football, players need to be on top of their game because every performance counts. Midwest Pain Solutions provides chiropractic adjustments and High Intensity Laser Therapy for both injury prevention and recovery.

"I love the doctors here, they are genuine and it feels like home. Thank you Dr. Jackson-there are times I am in here every day of the week and he makes sure I am available and able to play on Sunday. He goes above and beyond everyday."

Going the extra mile, and utilizing Midwest Pain Solutions' top of the line treatments has allowed Aaron to stay at the top of his performance throughout the whole season.

"I would recommend Midwest Pain Solutions to anyone in pain. You come in and they can fix you and get you right. Midwest Pain Solutions is your solution."

Oren Burks Testimonial

Oren Burks heard of Midwest Pain Solutions through veteran athletes during his rookie year. With the daily wear and tear on your body through the season, he comes to Midwest Pain Solutions to take care of his body and prevent injuries from occurring. Being proactive instead of reactive, Oren receives chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy from Dr. Jackson at Midwest Pain Solutions.

"Dr. Jackson is amazing, I am appreciative of all the work he does. He does a great job taking care of everybody. Midwest Pain Solutions has helped me get to the top of my game."

Oren notes that the care at Midwest Pain Solutions doesn't stop at professional athletes.

"We get beat up every game, and they are able to help us get back on the field. They can help you too."

Adrian Amos Testimonial

Adrian heard of Midwest Pain Solutions through teammates that also seek treatment. To him, recovery is very important as his biggest ability is his availability in the world of football. Adrian continues to come to Midwest Pain Solutions to prevent injuries and also return to his best ability after injuries whether they are big or small.

"Dr. Jackson is a family man, easy to talk to and he listens to you. I feel better every time I leave Midwest Pain Solutions. The lasers are great for recovery which is important when you want to heal fast. Midwest Pain Solutions keeps me on the field."

Vernon Scott Testimonial

Vernon Scott came to Midwest Pain Solutions after hearing the great success fellow teammates had with their injury recovery. Experiencing a shoulder injury, Vernon valued keeping his body healthy and feeling good because he knew he needed to perform on the field and be at his optimal performance each week.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has a family atmosphere, I feel very welcomed. Dr. Jackson knows what he is doing and is very knowledgeable about he does. I have learned so much, especially how beneficial High Intensity Laser Therapy is on your recovery."

Vernon feels confident on the field because he knows if after he endures the battle on the field, he can come to Midwest Pain Solutions for treatment and be ready to go by the next game.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has given me all I've ever wanted for my recovery."