High Intensity Laser Therapy

Cutting-Edge Technology Built On Legacy in Green Bay and Appleton

What Is High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT)?

High intensity laser therapy is a painless treatment that can stimulate healing in areas of deep pain and damage that can not be reached by chiropractic care. HILT can provide pain relief as well as long-term benefits whether the root cause of discomfort is from an injury, genetics, age, or other condition. Each HILT treatment is customized to your needs, and your care plan may include chiropractic care and hydrotherapy. Because Midwest Pain Solutions pioneered HILT, we use our proprietary technology during each treatment — the same technology used on professional athletes in Green Bay and internationally.

To learn more about HILT and if it might be the right treatment for you, schedule a no-cost consultation. We look forward to helping you find relief, healing, and greater well-being.

Benefits of HILT:

  • Pain relief
  • Improved blood flow
  • Reduced swelling
  • Cell growth and tissue repair
  • Boosted nerve function
  • Scar repair

Midwest Pain Solutions: Pioneers For Pain Relief

Midwest Pain Solutions is built on a 30 year-legacy of excellence that led us to pioneer the use of HILT. As a result, we have been given opportunities to serve those in professional sports in Green Bay and around the world, as well as better serve our community. What Dr. Curt Draeger started all those years ago, his son Dr. Jackson continues, offering patients a means of injury recovery and chronic pain relief. Dr. Jackson is passionate about helping his patients enjoy greater health and quality of life — which is reflected in our practice motto “decrease pain, increase function, restore life.”

To learn more about the innovative treatments, Dr. Jackson, and Midwest Pain Solutions, schedule free consultation and learn more about



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High Intensity Laser Therapy

in Green Bay & Appleton

At Midwest Pain Solutions, high intensity laser therapy (HILT) is more than just another treatment option. It’s a technology our family has pioneered and improved, and we’re proud to offer it to every client who comes through our doors. Our proprietary technology earned us entrance to international competitions as well as professional sports. Now, its ability to safely treat pain at its source is available to the greater Green Bay and Appleton areas. That means you!


Heal, Recover, & Thrive

Your body works hard to heal itself and function, but genetics and life can interfere and cause painful dysfunction. Many times, it’s important to give your body a helping hand — otherwise, the issue may just get worse and cause dysfunction elsewhere.


Able to Reach Deep-Seated Pain

High intensity laser therapy reaches the places that chiropractic adjustments can’t. Deep-seated swelling, tightness, and damage can all be relieved thanks to the laser’s ability to increase blood flow without causing damage.

Increase Function With Custom Care Plan

Applied by our highly skilled Dr. Jackson, HILT will be the support your body needs to return to pain-free function. We’ll build a custom treatment plan for you, which may also include our chiropractic and hydrotherapy options. Either way, you can rest assured that we’ll do whatever it takes to genuinely relieve your pain. Schedule your free consultation today!


Why Choose Midwest Pain Solutions

For Your Treatment?

Not only is Midwest Pain Solutions the pioneer of HILT, but there are many other reasons to choose our practice in Green Bay or Appleton.

At Midwest Pain Solutions, we offer our patients:

  • Access to world-class doctors and treatments
  • Customized treatment plans and a personal experience
  • Experience working with professional athletes
  • Guidance for lifelong wellness and preventative care
  • Comfortable and welcoming office

What’s more, Dr. Jackson and his staff take great pride in their work and are passionate about helping each patient find relief and healing, increased function, and a greater quality of life. We are a locally-owned-and-operated business who love our community and are excited to be able to serve our neighbors in Green Bay and Appleton.

High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) FAQs

High intensity laser therapy (HILT) is a technology pioneered by our practice and used to help patients find pain relief, reduce swelling, and stimulate healing. HILT is a painless treatment that allows for deep tissue penetration and can help to treat conditions such as: chronic pain, arthritis, neuropathy, sciatica, tendonitis, and more.