Solutions For Hip Pain

Top-Rated Chronic Pain Management Doctor in Green Bay & Appleton

Solutions For Hip Pain Include:

  • High intensity laser therapy (HILT)
  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Customized care plan for your chronic pain

How Can I Find Hip Pain Relief?

Hip pain can be the result of injury, surgery, scar tissue, and degenerative conditions — and can happen to anyone of any age. Thankfully, Midwest Pain Solutions is here to help! We offer specialized chiropractic care as well as high-intensity laser therapy, and other supporting therapies at our Green Bay and Appleton offices. Our approach to care is always personalized and we aim to heal the root cause of your pain instead of masking it.

Watch client testimonials to hear what our clients have to say and how we have helped them find relief from their hip pain, and contact us. Midwest Pain Solutions offers complimentary consultations. Learn more when you call us today!


Why Choose Midwest Pain Solutions?

Midwest Pain Solutions is an industry leader in the Green Bay and Appleton area and beyond for their forward-thinking and compassionate care. We have had the pleasure of serving our patients in the Green Bay area for over 30 years and take great pride in each patient’s success story. We pioneered the use of high intensity laser therapy and continue to help our patients find alternative treatments to surgery that can help them feel better and ultimately increase their quality of life. 

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Chronic Hip Pain Relief in Green Bay & Appleton

It’s easy to forget how much our hips are used on a daily basis until we are in pain. Hip pain can be the result of a wide range of ailments including: 

  • Arthritis
  • Limited cartilage in joint
  • Degenerative changes in hip
  • Seeking alternative for hip replacements
  • Muscle/ligament tears
  • Muscular conditions in hip joint
  • Degenerative joint disease of hip
  • Sciatica
  • Groin pain
  • Unknown causes of pain in joint
  • Lack of mobility in the hip
  • Scar tissue from injury or surgery

No matter what the root cause is, if it hurts and affects your day-to-day life then we are sure you are ready to find a solution. If you’ve been dealing with hip pain for years and have tried everything with no luck, there is hope to find relief without surgery and more invasive treatments.  

What Makes Our Treatment Different

Pain medications and injections often only mask the pain that you are experiencing and do not affect the root cause. Surgery can be helpful but sometimes can cause more pain and be ineffective. At Midwest Pain Solutions, we offer treatments that can offer deep healing that may not be possible through other methods. We can do this through treatments like high-intensity laser therapy (HILT). Because lasers can easily and painlessly penetrate the tissue, we are able to access areas of pain that may be inaccessible any other way. Talk to Dr. Jackson during a complimentary consultation to learn about the possibilities for you. Get started today!