arthritis pain

The Worst Foods to Eat If You Have Arthritis

By Molly Behnke / August 19, 2022

Food is medicine. The food and drinks you consume likely have a bigger effect on your body than you may think. There are many substances that can cause inflammation and arthritic joint pain. If you suffer from arthritis, these are some of the WORST foods/drinks to consume:     1. Sweets – Consuming too much…

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Is My Pain From Arthritis or Bursitis?

By Molly Behnke / May 18, 2022

You may be wondering what the difference is between arthritis and bursitis as they are very similar. Bursitis is often mistaken for arthritis. However, arthritis is a chronic condition that damages bone, joints, and cartilage. Whereas bursitis is a temporary condition where the bursae is inflamed for a period of time. Bursae are fluid-filled sacs…

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