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The Pros and Cons of Hip/Knee Replacements

By Alexis Draeger / October 13, 2022

Hip and knee replacements involve installing materials to allow movement of the joints with few limitations or pain. Artificial hips and knees are often made of metal, plastic, and ceramic.   Hip and knee pain is a common ailment in the Green Bay area, most often prompted by injury, age, arthritis, or the buildup of…

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Living A Healthy Lifestyle

By Alexis Draeger / September 7, 2022

At Midwest Pain Solutions, we treat many patients who have chronic pain. Their lives are flipped upside down because of the pain they experience daily. Many don’t see the barriers that come with chronic pain: low energy levels, depression, restricted movement, and more. We do our absolute best to get patients back to feeling themselves…

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5 Reasons to Book a No Cost Consultation at Midwest Pain Solutions

By Dr. Jackson / March 4, 2021

1. It’s free! In a world where there is a subscription for everything and monthly or weekly payments due, sometimes it’s nice to do something for free. Free means there is no obligation and no commitment. Free means there’s no worrying about money. The only thing you have to worry about is setting 30 minutes…

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What to Expect on Your First Visit to MPS?

By Dr. Jackson / January 21, 2021

On your first visit at Midwest Pain Solutions (MPS), you can expect a very welcoming and friendly environment. As you enter, you’ll notice the beautiful decorations that my mother Dr. Reva Draeger has accumulated throughout the years. She loves all things antiques and decorated the clinic with a sophisticated touch from a bygone era. The…

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