Rheumatoid Arthritis

What Are Bone Spurs?

By Molly Behnke / May 4, 2022

Bone spurs are excess bone placed at an area of great wear and tear or an area where tendons are constantly pulling on their attachment/insertion points. They are most commonly formed where two bones meet, known as joints. Bone spurs may cause pain and stiffness if they rub against other bones or press on nerves. …

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Shining a Light on Chronic Pain

By Molly Behnke / September 9, 2021

Since September is Pain Awareness Month, my goal is to raise awareness about pain and how we manage it. Every day I hear stories from people about their battles with chronic pain. And while their suffering overall is similar, each experience with pain is individual and presents unique obstacles to address. Patients often tell me…

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