Acute Pain

Alex K. Testimonial

Back Pain / Migraines

Alex has been treated by the Draeger family since he was a little boy. Currently, he seeks care at Midwest Pain Solutions for his migraines, back pain and other ongoing problems. Alex finds great results at Midwest Pain Solutions with the combination of chiropractic care and high intensity laser therapy.

"Midwest Pain Solutions has taken care of my migraines and allowed me to go about my day without potentially needing to stop doing things because of migraines."

Mitch K. Testimonial

Injury: No Movement in Fingers

Mitch injured his hand and forearm snowmobiling in the backwoods of the Rockies resulting in zero movement in his fingers. Hearing about Midwest Pain Solutions from a few friends, Mitch decided to schedule a no-cost consultation to see if Dr. Jackson and high intensity laser therapy could help speed his recovery. Within two weeks of treatment at Midwest Pain Solutions using a combination of chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy, Mitch was able to move his fingers and hand quickly returning back to work.

"When you injure something on personal time and it hangs up your work life, you want it fixed fast - time is money."

Amanda L. Testimonial

Nerve Pain

Amanda, a mom of two, had a spinal fusion procedure in 2020. However, shortly thereafter, she began experiencing nerve pain all over her body and she found it was difficult to walk and go on outings with the family. Injections and medication were making her feel worse and so her doctor suggested Midwest Pain Solutions. After a personalized treatment plan utilizing high Intensity Laser Therapy, though she was nervous about it, she felt looser and the treatment itself was non-invasive. More importantly, after two months of treatment, Amanda woke up and realized that her nerve pain was gone.

“I don’t want another surgery. . . . I would definitely recommend the clinic to other people — and I have! I would tell somebody who’s in that ‘I don’t know what to do to manage my pain situation’ to just go in and check it out. I highly doubt they won’t be able to help you.”

Ann R. Testimonial

Neck & Back Pain

Ann had to sit on the plane for a couple of hours during a trip and experienced excruciating pain. After a visit to the emergency room and other visits to the doctor still left her with questions, she decided to try Midwest Pain Solutions. She explains in her testimonial that MPS is the whole package, meaning their treatments have addressed all the pain that she experiences from her work at her family home as well as playing the organ at church. Her treatment plan includes high-intensity laser therapy, and though she was at first apprehensive, the treatment made all the difference.

“I feel Midwest Pain Solutions is the best care for me…. Because they have lasers which have been life-changing for me. And this is just the most welcoming place. It feels like family. I absolutely recommend Midwest Pain Solutions. . . . They truly care about you.”