Tina Holewinksi Testimonial

Neck Pain & Migraines

Tina suffered for years with extreme neck pain and migraines. Pain would occur after any household tasks such as vacuuming or shoveling, causing her to sit down and rest for two to three days. After trying just about everything to find relief, she saw an ad on television for no-cost consultations at Midwest Pain Solutions. Tina and her husband attended a free consultation with Dr. Jackson.

"Dr. Jackson is amazing; he is very down to earth, and explained everything."

Tina started care that consisted of chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy and found gradual but complete relief of her neck pain/migraines.

"I am back to my happy old self. Midwest Pain Solutions got me back to living life. Thank you."

Chris Jung Testimonial

Chronic Pain

Chris came to Midwest Pain Solutions as a retired nurse that was unable to walk without a cane or a walker due to her extreme amounts of pain. She spent two years prior bouncing between orthopedic surgeons, pain centers and physical therapists to help rid the pain but nothing seemed to help. Chris scheduled a no-cost consultation with Dr. Jackson at Midwest Pain Solutions with hopes of finding pain relief without turning to surgery.  Midwest Pain Solutions helped Chris free up her daily routine, get rid of her cane and continue to live with a good quality of life.

"Dr. Jackson is very knowledgeable and helped me understand my pain completely. After 3 months of treatment I was able to find relief. I would and have recommended Midwest Pain Solutions and Dr. Jackson to my friends and family. It doesn't hurt to do a no-cost consultation and see if they can help." 

Linda Lamine Testimonial

Shoulder Pain

Linda found herself at Midwest Pain Solutions seeking treatment for her mother's chronic pain issues. After watching her mother's successful treatment, she pursued care for herself regarding her shoulder pain. "The pain was so severe I couldn't lift my arm or do anything". Dr. Jackson was able to sit down with Linda during a no-cost consultation, learn more about her pain and limitations and create a customized treatment plan consisting of chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy. After about 6 treatments at Midwest Pain Solutions, Linda starting finding seeing results.

"Go to the no-cost consultation and see what Midwest Pain Solutions has to say and go from there. Dr. Jackson Draeger and the team is great; they really care."

Sharon Sterling Testimonial

Neck Pain

Sharon came to Midwest Pain Solutions with terrible neck pain. The pain would get worse when driving and when she watched her grandchildren. Sharon saw a commercial for no-cost consultations at Midwest Pain Solutions where she discussed her pain and limited mobility with Dr. Jackson. Dr. Jackson created a customized treatment plan consisted of chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy (HILT) and within one month Sharon was seeing great improvements.

"My experience was to have some pain relief but I am older and sometimes things can't be fixed but I am amazing of my experience with Midwest Pain Solutions. Midwest Pain Solutions has helped me decrease my pain and made me much more mobile allowing me to do more with my grandchildren."

Mitch Kostrava Testimonial

Injury Resulting in No Movement in Fingers

Mitch injured his hand and forearm snowmobiling in the backwoods of the Rockies resulting in zero movement in his fingers. Hearing about Midwest Pain Solutions from a few friends, Mitch decided to schedule a no-cost consultation to see if Dr. Jackson and high intensity laser therapy could help speed his recovery. Within two weeks of treatment at Midwest Pain Solutions using a combination of chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy, Mitch was able to move his fingers and hand quickly returning back to work.

"When you injure something on personal time and it hangs up your work life, you want it fixed fast - time is money."

Ron Berndt Testimonial

Chronic & Severe Pain, Limited Mobility

Before stepping into Midwest Pain Solutions, Ron suffered with an acute ankle injury that quickly turned chronic with severe pain and limited mobility. Working for the postal service, Ron had a difficult time working without constant pain in his ankle/leg. After doctors began discussing an ankle fusion, Ron decided to seek treatment in a more "less-invasive" route and scheduled a no-cost consultation at Midwest Pain Solutions. Dr. Jackson created a customized treatment plan of specific chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy. After a few treatments, Ron was able to experience increase mobility and decreased pain in his ankle.

"After a few treatments I was able to do more because the pain started to decrease and my ankle mobility increased."

Monica Halverson Testimonial

Chronic Knee Pain

Continuous wear and tear working on the farm and riding horses caused Monica to struggle with chronic knee pain. Sitting at a crossroads between surgery and non-invasive alternatives Monica scheduled a no-cost consultation at Midwest Pain Solutions.

"I told the doctors that I wanted to be able to ride my horse again. Doing farm with in pain is one thing, but I have been riding horses since I was 9 and I wanted to continue to do so without pain."

Dr. Jackson and Dr. Curt created a customized care plan consisting on specialized chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy and by the end of treatment, Monica was able to ride her horse without pain.

"Laser therapy is the real McCoy. Dr. Jackson and Dr. Curt are great people and they want you to feel great when you walk out of the door. Midwest Pain Solutions got me back on my horse."

Alex Kolpack Testimonial

Ringing in Ears, Migraine & Back Pain

Alex started seeing Dr. Curt when he was a child and he has continued to see Dr. Jackson to address the ringing in his ears, migraines, and back pain. The effects of scoliosis as well as his desk job caused Alex to not only experience back pain but also sensations related to a pinched nerve. Through High Intensity Laser Therapy and chiropractic care, and more, Alex is able to manage the root causes of his pain and discomfort and has eradicated his migraines allowing Alex to be out-and-about during the day without worry about the onset of a migraine.

“When I walk in the door I don’t feel like just a client or a patient. I am welcomed by people that feel like family . . . every time I walk in here it’s that home feeling. I don’t feel like I’m walking into a place that is just wanting my money. . . . There’s care behind it, and to me, that is what I want when I come for any level of care.”

Amanda Litersky Testimonial

Nerve Pain

Amanda Litersky, a mom of two, had a spinal fusion procedure in 2020. However, shortly thereafter, she began experiencing nerve pain all over her body and she found it was difficult to walk and go on outings with the family. Injections and medication were making her feel worse and so her doctor suggested Midwest Pain Solutions. After a personalized treatment plan utilizing high Intensity Laser Therapy, though she was nervous about it, she felt looser and the treatment itself was non-invasive. More importantly, after two months of treatment, Amanda woke up and realized that her nerve pain was gone.

“I don’t want another surgery. . . . I would definitely recommend the clinic to other people — and I have! I would tell somebody who’s in that ‘I don’t know what to do to manage my pain situation’ to just go in and check it out. I highly doubt they won’t be able to help you.”

Ann Rhode

All-Over Pain

Ann had to sit on the plane for a couple of hours during a trip and experienced excruciating pain. After a visit to the emergency room and other visits to the doctor still left her with questions, she decided to try Midwest Pain Solutions. She explains in her testimonial that MPS is the whole package, meaning their treatments have addressed all the pain that she experiences from her work at her family home as well as playing the organ at church. Her treatment plan includes high-intensity laser therapy, and though she was at first apprehensive, the treatment made all the difference.

“I feel Midwest Pain Solutions is the best care for me…. Because they have lasers which have been life-changing for me. And this is just the most welcoming place. It feels like family. I absolutely recommend Midwest Pain Solutions. . . . They truly care about you.”

Patty Wasielewski Testimonial

Ankle Pain & Chronic Pain

Patty and her husband Dennis are farmers with an active lifestyle who have both been dealing with chronic pain for years. Both attended a seminar about the non-invasive chronic pain treatments offered at Midwest Pain Solutions. Afterward, Patty’s husband Dennis decided to see Dr. Jackson for treatment. Patty, who came with her husband, eventually also started receiving treatment. As a result of treatment, both can be active without debilitating pain — Patty even says her pain is completely gone! Dennis avoided ankle replacement surgery, and Patty avoided taking steroids and other medications as a result of the adjustments and High Intensity Laser Therapy (HILT) treatments they both received at Midwest Pain Solutions.

“Midwest Pain Solutions gave us a new lease on life. . . they have greatly reduced our pain and increased our function so we can enjoy our life, our family, and everything we enjoy doing.”

Gary Grunewald Testimonial
Back Pain

Gary has struggled with back pain for 15 years, but over the last several years, it has gotten progressively worse. Months before going to Midwest Pain Solutions, he couldn’t stand up or twist his body without being in pain. He had to pull himself up the steps. As Dr. Jackson reviewed Gary’s x-rays, he discovered that Gary had moderate arthritis in his back. After a combination of chiropractic adjustments and high intensity laser therapy, Gary’s condition substantially improved. What’s more, after the treatment, Gary could go to the grocery store and about his daily life without pain.

“Dr. Jackson was very encouraging and he definitely knows what he’s doing. Midwest Pain Solutions decreased my pain, increased my ability to move, and basically restored my life to be normal again.”

Mary Bassler Testimonial
Chronic Neck Pain

Mary had been dealing with severe chronic neck pain for over 32 years that made her have to wear a neck brace in the car because any bump made her pain excruciating. Nothing seemed to help the pain; she felt as though she had tried everything. Mary and her husband attended a no-cost consultation at Midwest Pain Solutions and learned about treatments consisting of chiropractic care and High Intensity Laser Therapy. Dr. Jackson was able to help Mary further understand her condition and create a customized treatment plan to help Mary get back to enjoying life pain free.

“Midwest Pain Solutions is the place to go for short term or long term issues — they have the solutions.”

Lea Thiel Testimonial
Chronic Lower Back Pain

Lea had suffered from chronic back pain for years, and even though she had retired, she still was experiencing pain even doing basic daily activities: she had trouble walking and even getting out of bed. She tried everything to heal and decrease her pain but nothing helped. After just one treatment at Midwest Pain Solutions, Lea felt looser, and then within a few weeks more of treatment, she felt 85% relieved. Now, she and her husband go camping, climb mountains and steps, and she can get out of bed with no difficulty. She says the high-intensity laser treatment made the biggest difference.

“Midwest Pain Solution has been a retirement savings for me. I’ve been able to get out and enjoy nature and to go camping with my kids.”

Alan Petrashek Testimonial
Chronic Knee Pain

As the years went on, Alan’s chronic knee pain got worse. He was limiting his ability to live life, and his daily activities continued to get smaller and smaller. When Alan scheduled a no-cost consultation at Midwest Pain Solutions, his chronic knee pain was sharp, stabbing and continued all day long. After Dr. Jackson created a customized care plan, consisting of chiropractic adjustments and High Intensity Laser Therapy, Alan was able to find the relief he was searching for. After treatment at Midwest Pain Solutions, he doesn’t even think about his pain; he is able to live his life normally and can even enjoy the outdoors like he used to. Though he still goes to MPS for maintenance, he is able to enjoy his life once again.

"For anyone who is thinking ‘should I come in?’ just come in! It costs nothing to come in the door. And like myself, it could turn out to be the best door you ever walked though. Midwest Pain Solutions got me back on my feet.”